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Key Bitcoin Takeaways from Fed's September Meeting Minutes -

Key Bitcoin Takeaways from Fed's September Meeting Minutes
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[2013-11-11] UK version of now also accepts Bitcoin [Bitcoin]

[2013-11-11] UK version of now also accepts Bitcoin [Bitcoin] submitted by FiveYearsAgoOnReddit to FiveYearsAgoOnReddit [link] [comments]

I bought Chinese food with Bitcoin! Well done

Into Bitcoin since April 2013 I've finally made my first food purchase, and it was rather tasty.
After selecting a nearby takeaway, adding a few things to basket, selecting Bitcoin, it directs to Bitpay and it works like a breeze, as it should! :)
Just got asked to leave a review of the site and here is the link. x
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" accepts bitcoins". But do they really? is a huge fast food chain online. They have local websites in allmost every country in Europe, such as, etc. Tonight i went to buy a pizza, and it was pleasant surprise to see "bitcoin" next to cash, paypal etc.
Boy was i wrong. When you click on bitcoin as a payment method, a window pops up giving you 15 minutes (!) to pay. I sent away the coins from bitstamp to address, but of course it took 1 hour to get 3 confirmations, and the pop up was long gone. Now i was left with the coins out of my wallet and no order confirmation from takeaway.
I was puzzles by the fact how easy it can be to lose money with bitcoin and you don't even have someone to complain to. Customer service looked at me like i fell from the sky. "eh? bitcoin?" "please don't send strange links to websites as a proof of payments" was their reaction (by email, no support phone numbers on the website) when i sent the link.
After much frustration and insisting finally some manager called me and said it is an "IT" error and they will deal with it on Monday. I am quiet sceptical, since i didn't get any reference number, and was just told something like "do you think a company like has nothing to do but to mess with your 24 USD"? but who knows. Of course it is far from an "IT error". They put a 15 minutes pop up window for a bitcoin payment every time. And if you don't get 3 confirmations till then? Say good bye to your money. It has vanished somewhere in the dark spaces of the net.
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Use for Bitcoin Pizza Day

Just a reminder for those needing an excuse to eat pizza for Bitcoin Pizza Day tomorrow (22nd May), in the UK supports Bitcoin and allows you to pay for pizza (or other takeaways) with bitcoin at participating restaurants...
Let's help support Bitcoin adoption and eat pizza! :D
Disclaimer: not affiliated with website, just spreading the word
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Meanwhile.... Bitcoin still feeds me! (

Meanwhile.... Bitcoin still feeds me! ( submitted by unchima to Bitcoin [link] [comments] now accepting bitcoin! now accepting bitcoin! submitted by goebat to BitcoinUK [link] [comments]

Another curry success funded by Bitcoin through

It's Saturday night, so we ordered some takeaway curry through, paying by bitcoin. Received a call from shortly after the order was placed, telling me that the restaurant was running out of tandoori chicken, and whether I wanted to replace that with something else.
I just wish that just-eat will also start to accept bitcoin. If they do, then I have enough coins to supply me with curries for the rest of the year.
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Just bought my first pizza's on ( with Bitcoin after I got (a part of) my refund back from Butterflylabs...!!!

After my friend helped me getting my refund back from one of my biggest and most expensive mistakes ever (I'm a student), I decided to buy us some Pizza with Bitcoin! I ordered a 600GH card back in January at the price of $2100. I lost a lot of money because of the wire transfer costs (wasn't that into Bitcoin yet, so was stupid enough to do it with a wire transfer and not just buy bitcoin) and made an even bigger mistake after upgrading to the 1TH card for $744 (yes, I did pay this with bitcoin). So now the $744 got refunded and the wire transfer is on its way... conclusion: stay away from BFL...
they were tasty!
submitted by heldertb to Bitcoin [link] [comments] enables Bitcoin acceptance for +15.000 German and Dutch takeaways

Here is the article in Dutch, and [here]( is the google translation. is about as big as Foodler. It also has smaller websites in Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxemburg and even Vietnam - so further Bitcoin-expansion is possible.
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Not too sure if this is the right sub but - Just to let you guys know if you make an order via Bitcoin on and for some reason the order is cancelled(e.g the restaurant is closed/can't be contacted) WILL NOT give you your coins back, instead they ask for an IBAN number to refund the amount into a bank account. Am I alone in feeling this is a disgusting practice?
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Dutch Eaters: accepts bitcoin (owned by
Scroll down lower to see all accepted payment methods. Bitcoin is also listed. This is a huge site processing thousands of food orders everyday. Although Bitcoin is not used very much in The Netherlands, it is helping exposing people to BTC.
It is not the latest news anymore in The Netherlands, but I didn't see it referenced here anywhere, so I thought I post it.
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MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory Main menuSkip to content Home Economy Society Sub menu VOX POPULI Bitcoin Explodes Again: the Encouraging Takeaways for Stackers

MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory Main menuSkip to content Home Economy Society Sub menu VOX POPULI Bitcoin Explodes Again: the Encouraging Takeaways for Stackers submitted by xbox-junkie to btc [link] [comments]

MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory Main menuSkip to content Home Economy Society Sub menu VOX POPULI Bitcoin Explodes Again: the Encouraging Takeaways for Stackers

MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory Main menuSkip to content Home Economy Society Sub menu VOX POPULI Bitcoin Explodes Again: the Encouraging Takeaways for Stackers submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments] ( in the Netherlands, largest online food ordering site in .nl) is accepting bitcoins as of today! ( in the Netherlands, largest online food ordering site in .nl) is accepting bitcoins as of today! submitted by appeltjeeitje to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Payment / broken?

Wanted to order in and pay in bitcoin. Got some "error message" and was asked to pay by other means. Bitpay shows a badly issued certificate when I go to their website (issued for cloudflare). Anyone ordered food recently successfully with bitcoin?
submitted by Geldeintreiber to Bitcoin [link] [comments] accept Bitcoins here in the UK. Let's get them accepting Litecoin too...

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UK version of now also accepts Bitcoin

After the Dutch, Belgian, French, and German versions of the site, the UK version of now also seems to (finally) accept Bitcoin! This really is quite awesome and big news :)
EDIT: Whoops! It was already on the frontpage, seems I overlooked it!
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Bitcoin Giveaway Scams! 9,000,000 New Bitcoin Users / World First ICO Magazine / TenX Without Androi (The Cryptoverse #299) The Promise of Blockchain: A Currency of Trust - DigitalK Bitcoin Halving 2020: Explanation & Price Prediction - YouTube Bitcoin Halving 2020: History & Price Prediction (A Simple ...

Es ist soweit, ab sofort könnt Ihr Euer Essen wieder mit Bitcoin bezahlen. Die innovative digitale Währung verzeichnet derzeit ein Rekordhoch und wurde bereits in anderen Märkten von, wie den Niederlanden, Österreich oder Polen, begeistert aufgenommen. Wusstet Ihr, dass die ersten Bitcoins bereits 2010 für zwei Pizzen ausgegeben wurden? Bitcoin Food Ordering Comes To Mainland Europe. Last week saw Germany’s largest portal Lieferando add the virtual currency, news which followed a similar announcement from Poland’s leader Pyszne and others.. The outlets are owned by Amsterdam-based parent company, which operates in markets throughout the world and serves 8.9 million customers. is a leading online food delivery marketplace, focused on connecting consumers and restaurants in 9 European countries and Vietnam. Websites Accept Bitcoin. Ordering food and drinks online can save you a lot of trouble these days by limiting your exposure to other people in public spaces. Using electronic payments ... Learn from the reviews of other people who spent bitcoins at, and find other similar places that accept bitcoin.

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