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Alleged 500kBTC (~5M USD) scammer, pirateat40, posts a Q&A, saying payments may begin as early as Oct. 12th

Alleged 500kBTC (~5M USD) scammer, pirateat40, posts a Q&A, saying payments may begin as early as Oct. 12th submitted by bdcs to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Breaking Theymos - all you have to do is to follow the money

I know, you guys are tired of hearing about theymos, but the only way to get him removed from power is to prove that he broke some rules and have proof to back it up. Some of you have some real time on your hands. You should use it more wisely. There is something called the blockchain, it's a global public ledger, so where theymos thought he was being slick, he really wasn't, and all his misappropriation of funds over the years is going to catch up with him.
All you need to do is spend a little time following the money bitcoins and then connecting the dots. Then show the proof to reddit admins or heck, just show it to the police, he is in the states, and voila, no more theymos.
Let's take an example and walk through it.
I'm sure if you guys keep on digging you will keep on finding more, but those tidbits might be enough to send him away for what is called embezzlement! look it up, or at the very least, taking redditors money and misusing it for his own personal funds!!!
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The Bet: BMR and Sheep to die in a year

EDIT: No one has offered to accept any of the bets, so I am declaring this offer withdrawn.
BMR & Sheep have demonstrated their danger, but few black-market-users seem to genuinely appreciate this. I am publicly betting that they will fail in the near-future. If you think I am wrong, just try to take my money and prove me wrong! Otherwise, spare us your cheap talk.
Hi! I'm Gwern Branwen. You may remember me from such black-market webpages as Silk Road: Theory & Practice, and /silkroad. Today I'm here to talk to you about BlackMarket Reloaded & Sheep Marketplace.
(A signed version of this 30 October 2013 post will be posted as a comment, because I wish to use Markdown formatting; my PGP key is available.)


With the fall of SR, we're all very sad: it was a good site which performed a useful function. But life goes on, so it's no surprise we're all moving on to new black markets. That said, I am concerned by the accumulating pattern I am seeing around BMR and Sheep, and by the delusional optimism of many of the users.


BlackMarket Reloaded, since the fall, has been marked by a pattern of arrogance, technical incompetence, dismissal of problems, tolerance for sellers keep buyer addresses & issuing threats, astounding tolerance for information leaks (all the implementation information, and particularly the VPS incident with the user data leak; mirrors: 1, 2), etc. We know his code is shitty and smells like vulnerabilities (programmer in 3 different IRC channels I frequent quoted bits of the leaked code with a mixture of hilarity & horror), yet somehow backopy expects to rewrite it better, despite being the same person who wrote the first version and the basic security principle that new versions have lots of bugs. (I'm not actually bothered by the DoS attacks; they're issues for any site, much less hidden services.)
And then there's the things he's not telling us. Atlantis shut down because they were worried about contacts from LE, and thus far this shut down seems to have saved them; but BMR has been around several times longer than Atlantis - would it not beggar belief if LE had not made contacts, attempted SR-style stings, or infiltrated BMR staff? And remember how we were able to discover all sorts of leaks in DPR's opsec once we had the indictment and knew what to look for? Or consider the claims being made about the Project Black Flag Leaks, where someone claims to have accessed laundry list of information from its internals - only after Metta DPR decided to rip-and-run. If this is what we see publicly for BMR, what on earth is going on behind the scenes?
backopy should have handed on BMR weeks ago, but is still around. He seems to plan to repeat SDPR's mistakes exactly: leak information all over the place, never retire, and just keep on until he is busted and takes who-knows-how-many people down to prison with him. He has learned nothing. What, exactly, is his exit strategy? What goals does he have and when will they ever be satisfied? He has been running BMR for more than 2 years now, and has not left. How does this story end: of a man who does not know his limits, does not have ability equal to the task, and refuses to quit while he's ahead? It ends with a party-van, that's how it ends.
And hardly anyone seems troubled by this! The BMR subreddit is full of bustle; people are even hailing backopy as a "hero" for allowing withdrawal of bitcoins. (How generous of him.)


Is Sheep any better? No. BMR is troubled and probably infiltrated at this point, but Sheep may well be a dead market walking at this point. No one has a good word to say about its coding, so there may well be BMR-style issues in its future. More importantly: the veriest Google search would turn up that clearnet site, and it has been pointed out that the clearnet Czech site hosted by HexaGeek was uncannily similar to the actual hidden service. It uses almost the same exact technology, and the official explanation is that they had "fans" (fans? who set up, many months ago, before anyone gave a damn about Sheep, an entire functioning mirror while cloning the software stack and being in a foreign non-English-speaking country just like the Sheep admins?). Ridiculous! DPR may have set up a WordPress site, but at least 'altoid' didn't run an entire SR mirror! (He left that to & Sheep's likely about one subpoena of HexaGeek away from fun party times in the party-van.

The Wager

I am uninterested in seeing Sheep/BMR busted and lots of newbies caught because they can't appreciate the patterns here. People don't take mere criticism seriously, and even if I lay it all out like here, and I mention that I have an excellent track record of predictions, they still won't because anyone can doom-monger and issue warnings, it won't get through to them. I want to get through to them - I want them to understand the risks they're taking, I want them to reflexively use PGP, and I want them to leave balances on sites for as short a time as possible. So! I am putting my money where my mouth is.


I and 3 others are publicly wagering ฿4 ($816 at today's rate), ฿1 each, on the following 4 bets:
  1. BMR will not be operating in 6 months:
    25%; 1:3 (you risk ฿3 and if BMR is still operating, you win our ฿1, else you lose the ฿3 to us)
  2. BMR will not be operating in 12 months
    40%; 1:1.5 (you risk ฿1.5 & BMR is operating in a year, you win our ฿1, else lose ฿1.5)
  3. Sheep will not be operating in 6 months
    30%; 1:2.3 (your ฿2.3 against our ฿1)
  4. Sheep will not be operating in 12 months
    60%; 1:0.66 (you risk ฿0.66 against our ฿1)
The ฿4 are currently stored in 1AZvaBEJMiK8AJ5GvfvLWgHjWgL59TRPGy (proof of control: IOqEiWYWtYWFmJaKa29sOUqfMLrSWAWhHxqqB3bcVHuDpcn8rA0FkEqvRYmdgQO4yeXeNHtwr9NSqI9J79G+yPA= is the signature by 1Az of the string "This address contains bitcoins for the BMSheep bet run by gwern.").



Arbitration & escrow are being provided by Nanotube, a long-time Bitcoin user & -otc trader, who has handled some past bets (most famously, the ฿10,000 bet between the Ponzi schemer pirateat40 & Vandroiy) and I believe can be trusted to escrow this one as well; he has agreed to a nominal fee of 1%.
(I am not using Bets of Bitcoin because they have a dishonest & exploitative rule-set, and I am not sure Predictious would allow these bets.)


If you disagree and are man enough to take our bets, post the amount you are betting on which bet, and Nanotube will supply an address for you to transfer your bitcoin to. When it arrives in his wallet, then our bet will be in effect.
May the most accurate beliefs win.
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If Bitcoin is really going to become the new currency of the world...

If Bitcoin really became the new currency of the world, it would need to accommodate the lowest common denominator of people. As it stands now, most people who are really into bitcoin are probably considered at least moderately intelligent.
I'm going to use the word 'idiot' in this post from here on out, just to make shit easier to follow.
Idiots need something and/or someone to cover their asses. Just like children need their parents to cover their asses. If the neighbor kid steals from them, they cry to Mommy or Daddy about it. Then the parents go ahead and handle it.
The same is needed for bitcoin. A lot of this wallet/address/private-key/public-key/blockchain talk is definitely complicated to idiots. If you really think about it, an idiot could lose their entire financial worth because of their non-understanding of bitcoin and the securities that are needed to go with it. That simply isn't fair when their livelihood is at stake in our current society, regardless of what their level of intelligence is.
Because of that alone, bitcoin will never surpass fiat as it currently stands. At some point there will need to be an entity that arises, that is similar to a bank(yes I know that analogy alone will get me downvoted). But everyone reading this needs to think about their understanding of bitcoin security, versus that of an idiot's understanding. Those idiots need a place to put their coins if this ever becomes mainstream. They need a level of cover, just like a child needs his/her parent's cover.
The snide comment that if you're too stupid to understand it, you deserve to lose your coins, simply will not fly. It would be great if it did, but then again it would be great if people with low IQs couldn't reproduce, right? You have to understand the fact that modern society revolves around accommodation for all people starting at the lowest common denominator. Bitcoin cannot ignore that if it wants to be more than a niche.
This post is probably way before it's time. Not because I'm the first to think about it. But because it's way before the time something like this is needed, before the idiots need a way to store their bitcoins, before the banks and fiat start crumbling(lots of ifs there). At that point they would need to be accommodated. As it stands now, they cannot be.
This issue needs to be solved before bitcoin can even attempt to compete with fiat on a noticeable scale, let alone surpass it. Who can or will do that? We've already seen what happened with pirateat40 for example. So how can this be accomplished with full trust and blame? Can it be accomplished with full trust and blame that doesn't involve the government? That is a big question that the idiots will need answered, and those idiots are necessary to full adoption, whether you like it or not.
So what will it be? A massive education for the idiots so they can handle their own coins, and simply suck it up if something bad happens? Or will there be some entity that provides them the security they need, so that they can continue spending by simply swiping a plastic card(funded with bitcoin instead of their fiat)?
TL;DR: Idiots need fallbacks and security, that currently is not offered to them with bitcoin. Sucks to be them, sure, but there are so many of them that such a response won't fly in the big scheme of things. They need to be accommodated or taught. Who or what will do it, and how?
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We have a new episode of our podcast about Bitcoin! If you speak German, please check it out!

Wieder mal gibt es eine neue Folge des Bitcoinupdates. Andreas+Andreas unterhalten sich ca 38 Minuten darüber was sich in der Welt von Bitcoin getan hat - und streuen dabei eine gute Portion persönliche Meinung ein.
Wie immer freuen wir uns über eure Mails an feedback -a- Danke an Levin Keller für das wertvolle Feedback. Wenn ihr automatisch über neue Folgen Bescheid bekommen wollt abonniert unseren RSS feed. - Link auf der Homepage
Die Themen diesmal:
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Rule free poetry (hey that rhymes!)

Fat Tay Choon went to the Mining Academy in Brazil, east of Satoshi's yurt, where Gavin was kidnapped by the CIA's goons and forced to pretend fucking an anonymous decentralized biscuit—better than all the fish in the Pacific Ocean—but also to defray leeches intelligently with ECDSA fighting qubits for 16.8 dree12, or Phinnaeus must fling toilets towards psy‐ops, without potato smoothies mixed with fried chicken wings from,, and Popeye's Bitcoin wallet, which deleted Satoshi's premine ability to cheer very victoriously, none like Butterfly Labs better enabled, but also Pirate crashing AIR applications without the express use of interest-free scams, conspiring with fraudulent sockpuppets and PPTs and..., you troll-herding piece of Shiitake mushroom, go lick Goat's horns until Theymos admits to having a quite erotic fetish involving honey badgers wearing thongs composed of soggy burlap waffles dangling from cosmic linoleum-based iphones running quantum chips explodes spewing deadly acid! b!z screamed out "Light is bright stars." When Markjamrobin opens the isolated window, he sees three pigs together in bed. Kouye and myself laugh when chinese food falls the impact kills Obama Bin ladin whoever thinks he may be terrorist, is correct but hates the bitcoin logo. Earth has snakes. Currently, the other species have decimated to tiny groups called "marko solo" whatever time it all comes and ends? However, Bitcoin's acidity level dipped causing catastrophic double-spends!
Meanwhile, AntiOps was confused by the awkward change to his penis melting uncontrollably. Vanilla Ice perfume spritzed onto cheese and greasy slime covered with babies boiled in a smelly old heatsink. But it tasted like shit therefore it poisoned his blood although he did survive. Reproductive organisms attacked the internal testicle which caused terrible congestion somehow. Evolution then terminated the smelly old business thank the inability of AntiOps to lock Satoshi's thread. In a transactional forum there was a debate about hacking unprotected accounts, however the debate shortly ended.
Phinnaeus Gage, king pluto, duke of the people. Returned one of his loans that he fraudulently claimed without declaring intentionally. Although this was bullshit. Earth was hit by a meteor which cause catastrophic events which cause people to cause mass destruction by proxy voting it was documented recently on the news that oranges are disguised anti-gravity pockets which have giant bears attacked Zeus because bitcoin accidentally crashed to Mars which created spaceships and aliens who pretended being humans wearing hats on their toes.
Altcoin suck on apples and oranges too. Megacoin is the most shit sucker of apples and melons ever. Most people love to troll others. Evolution is a slow process which created forks. It is beneficial to wash your feet because it distributes bacteria and oil, notwithstanding the beneficial attributes which are how chocolate arouses some of the miners brains. Today was an abysmal event which caused many abnormal but not smart bitcoiners because many of them are cute animals who were insane because of excessive oreo consumption. One watermelon is not love how people try me explotation Maybe Heisenberg Breaking bad control guy director or masturbation my time vampire drinks urine not lemon tek and water supernatural.
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H̛̝̖͙̩ṳ̗̞̙̩m̖̜̬ͅan̯̠̞̹͙̣̼i̬̤ty̗̱̰͍̕ ̟̦̰s̲͉͔͈o̻̗̖̟̥̺̣l̢̫͈̗̻d̷ ̻̮̜̦͙p̸̭͖̩̤̬ub̶̗̠͓͕̭ͅe͙͉͙̝̖̺s̲̺͍͚̺͈ ̡̟̬͇̗͖̪t̙̰o̡͇̩ ̮̙̻͈̣Z̟͘ȩ̱u͔͟s͇̠̬͙̣̯̪.̖̣̻̩̱̫͖͝ ̛̜Ńe̛̫v̀e͈̺̲̹͙͍̠͝ṟ̙̣̘t̝̯͍͖h͓̹͔e̟̯̺̣̲l҉̥̰̙̪e̬̪ṣ̯̜͖͖̠̘͞s̹,̤̣̘̖͙͍̹ ҉C̯̮͙̪̦̞͎̕i͈͘n̤̪n̷a̼̻͕̖m̞o̙͚̺͈̮n͚͈̫͚ ̮͔̟w̻̯͍͍̣͜a͕̣s̮͖ ̨c͓̯̯̬͍ṟ̼̻̬̗̺̹y͈̫͈̘̞i̘̭̜ng̨.͈͙̺̘͈̳̜́ ̪̖̹͎̞̗̖Mi̲͈̝͇͘ḻ̛͎̱̺͈l̷̠͓̝͍̝e̴n͡n̳̻̟̪͔̜i̖͙̭̬u̗͖̻̝̘m̥͔͇͍͓͜ b̟̙̳̪re̱͍̕ạ̜kd̛̗̜͙͉̺o͖̱w̴̺n ͉̥̗͎͎̳c̜̹̖͔͖͙̫aư̖̱̺s̶̳̥͍̟̩̞e̖͈̝̦̰̦͡d ̱͚̠̤d͇̙̣̖͔̥͢i͔̭v̱̫̮̖̗͕e̬͓͓͚̱̙r̴̳̟̞͉̣̲̰s͈͔͡if̳̞̻í͍̹̣c͏͍͙̟̝͎à̺t̻̳̫͟i͔̦̣o̸̠̥͙n̸̮͇ ҉̹͈͈m͕̻͉ȩ̝̬t͏̳̬̣̤̝̼̝h͚h̻̖͈̰e̙̣ad̫s̼̗͍̭̼̕ ̱͢c̭͈̩̦̕a̤͕͝ͅr̩͎͉̫̜̰̝͜d̵in̢̩̗͎a̮̩̻̖̟ll̖͔̭y̖̖͕̳̹.̵̤̫͍ Hy͉̖̠͡p̴è͍r̤̺̠͈̬͞-̬͔̩͎͢i̥n̮͚̮̗̠͙͞f̘͔̼͍̳̣̀l̷͔̠͓̲͔̼̬a̤ṱ̟̩̙̣͖̟iọ̸͕̜n͕̪̕,̹̫̗̤ ̻̱e̡̮̳̲̭ͅp͇͉i̯̙̠̝d҉e̹̗͜ḿ̜̟i̛cs͈̬͈̲ ̳̗͍̦̜w̙̻͙i̺͖͓t̢h̥̦͈ ͕̩̻̫̰m͉a̦͓r̳̝̻͔s͏̲h̬̘͖̞̱m͈̠̭͈̙a͔̳͖̬̤ĺ̟l̩̮͘o̮w̬̜̤͚͎s̮̱͈͎̗̞ ͙̪m̳͍ạ̥̱̪͜d̨̯͉e͎ ̤̮̞̤̫͈b͍y͘ ̪͝g̹̭̺̯͇̼̯͜o̢̱v̨͎͎̥e͙̦̼̺͎̱̩r͡n̻̲͓̯m͏̬e̶n̸̫̻̠͔̼͇t̩̼̺ͅ ̨͎̬̮͚̘̞c̤̜̦͟h̰̫̤̖͘o͎̬d̟͍͇̫͕͞e͉s ̝̜̻a̫͠n̵̪̱̠̝̙d̖͓͙͔ ̻ͅy̸̮͖̗̦͇͓̝e̛͎̼̥ah̹̪̭͙̳̠͖.̖̭̤̞̤ ̸̣̞̗T̘̼h̠̟̮̼e̟̦͎̫̞ ̯̯̦̦̗͘ͅÉ̤͎̘̤̼̭n̸͙͔̭d̦̘̫.͔͙͜ ̘̺̦͇͟Ņ̝̦̝͚͉̻͇o̪̬̩͕͟.͇̬̥ ̝̠Yḙ̱̻̩s̛͉̻̥̪͔̖. ̤̖̟͚L̖i̺͎͇̻̮͕̤e̤̹̲s̸̺̮̹̼͔ͅ.̺̹͙̀ ̹̖̼͞Ş̖͎̯̰͎̩͍t̶̗̩̤̖̫̩͔o͔̱̳p͕.͙͕͉̞̤͈̙ ̷C̮̣̹̳͚a̕n͏͇̻̹̹͉ͅ.̴͎̪͎͇ ̴͕̟̲͓͓Dǫ͍͉̺ a̠̬̱̞̦͘l̬i͕̳̬͈̦e̟̠͔ṇ̴͕̪̘s̺̥ ͓͖͇͡h̢̤̭̼ą̱v̝̳è̲͖͙ ̼͘a̵̜n҉̬y̩ ̝̫̻̫͖̰̯ḇ̵̖̠̯i̼͎̦̘͙͚̮͝t̤̬͉͇ͅc͙̣̻̮̰̯ͅo͏̼̠͚͖i͙n̫s̮?͖̫͖̟̦̱ ̠̻͎̪͕͝N̢̰͉ͅo̞̩̼͠.̰̖̠͝ ̩̖̲͕͜I̴̻̬̰̗̬̻n̖̭s̺t͚̰͕e̘̕a̟͙̼̱̞ͅͅd̶̳̤̞̠̦̪̜,̡͈̬ ͇͍̣͖̼̗͎P̰̙P̦͇͞C͎͖ ̭͚̞͈͚ḁ̰̰̫c͇͔̼̩͓͙t͍̜͈̣͙s̴̯ ̬̪̲̭̪̤͙q̷̻ư͙̳͖͍̣i͏̭̲̣ck͏̝͕̻l̼̠y l̠̹̪̗͚͉ͅi̫̳͡k̮̫͍͕̻̜ͅe̫̟̗ ͙͇͙̖F͙̼̗̱̪̳Ṯ͜L̹̮̱͔̯ ̲̩̗̼͘s̛̭̤͕͖͕̯̲h̡̩͙̭̦̮̠i̹̭̤̺̟͎ͅt̶̹̹͇̜,͉̥̮͓ ̛͙͙̞̟ri͇͖̜͕̫̯͟f͡f̨r̥a̵̲f̴f ͖̼̤͙̬ͅt͎̗͓͈̳̖̕o͍͓̯͕̕y͍͙͙̼̼̺̞ş̫͎̳͖͍̫.͙
M̵̨̼̞͇̲i̱̮̗̜͖͉͞͞r̘͝á̴͚̟̘̳̻̫̙͔͠c̠͓͖̲͟͞l͕͚͔̺e̠̘͈͓̜̟̘s̯̟͍̕ ̸̖̦h̪̩͚̠̩̼͘͜á̸̘̞̭̳̩̣̦p̛͕͓͇̫̪̕ͅp̹̘̜͍͔͇̬͜e͏̸̪̜̥n̴̗̝̯̟ ̧̺̼͎̪͉̟l̷̮̻͔̻̲̘̗͓̱i͙̠̫͙͠ͅk̜e͉̝͝ ̨̻͓̟͖͓̗̥c̘̺̬͚͙͞͠ą̝̝̦̮͚̮͙̰̕n̦͔̫̰̩̞̦̤̕͢ń̻̳̯̹ì̴͉̣͓b̠̼̱̮̟̬̖̹ͅa̶̛͙̦̥̯̬͢ͅl̲͎͘s̞͙͎̰̰̲̹̞͘͝ ̨͏̭͔̮͉͈s̡͙̮p̴̨̫̞̯̱͍͙̣̣̺i̥̮͎̱̕ț͇̀t̼̘̻͈̯̀i̲͕͇͎̝̫͚̩͇͝n̫͔̫̪͘͢g̙͉̘͕̼̕ͅ ̵̛̫͖̗̞s̢̢̪͎͇̞̙̞͙̩̕i͏͓̯̙̬̠ǹ̬̻̬̖͜ͅḛ̸̩̪̤̦̺̜̩̱̀͞ẉ̢̥̯̯̯͕͇̀ ͏̛̞̪̝̬̬͚a̢̤̮̦͍͉͖̙͎͡ͅń̺̦͚̱̹̦ͅd̷̨̯̩͙̟ ̵̜̟̮͍e̸̮͕̠̜̫̩l̡̢͍̼̻͕̕ę̖͝p̴̨̩̼͇ͅͅͅh̢͔͍̲̯̞̪̪̤ḁ̮̻̲͉͖͔n̰̤̭͡͞t̟̖̠̰͈ͅs̴͔̪͍̀ ̨͍͙̠ẉ̶̸̺́h̶̸̰̯͉͡i̫̹͕̳̻̫͉̗c̰̻͙̕h̗̹͍͓͕ ̬̙̳͍̣̩̀ͅi͔̮̲̥͚̝ͅͅn̵̛̙̤̝͇̥̙͘n̡̨̬̰͇̲̬̝̱ǫ̺̭̠̯̠͔͔c̶̬͇̦̮̳͔̙̳e̷̞̳͔̰̮͇̩̥͜͠n͚̼͢͡t̠̞͔ ̬̬̯̭͚̜̼́ͅl̴̜͈̹̹͓̮̬̭o̭͉̗͚̩͠v̥͉̹̠̙̞͇́́ͅę͡҉̺̪͙͇̟̩̦͇ ̗̯̬̫̹̝͈̣͡a͓͜ͅn̫͔͓̦͓͞d̡̨̬͎̤̥̗̝̟ ̶̧̫̣͙s̟̪̩̮͢h̨͈̭͕̝̳í̛̩̥̭̬͇͙ͅt̵̰̫̬ ͖̱h̷̯̜̙̱a͏̴̳̼̦̭̯͔ͅs̛͔̭̣̘̠͍͞ ̨̗̜̰͞n̷̙̤̙̰̘͇̼ȩ͎̲͖͍͇͞ͅv̳̙̘̰̠͚̼̣̣͜e̶͚̺r͇͝ ̲̻͖̰͙̠̠͢ͅf͈̪̦͕̱̮̙u҉̸̖͍̻c̛̰̹̹̳̩̦͕̭͟͠k̴̟̜̖̬͕e̶̹̳͘d̖̣̹̭͚́̕͟ ̠͖̯̝̞͝ù̳̟̙͎͕̳̟ͅͅp̷̡̙͝!̡͏҉̗̘͔̭̣̯̗̫̫ ̗̤̭̹͘D̢̢̯̼̟͓̼͍̺̯ͅa̸͔̯͔̙͠n̸̷̪̫̳̥̙̝k҉̴̲̗͖͈̙̮̪ ͏̫͉͕͙͔͙̮̯̗͘͝h̷̭̠̬̝ͅa̶͖̘s̨͇̬͇͚͟͡ ̧̤͡k̷̡͇̖̘̣͓̣̲̘̤ì̗̝l̷̬̣̜͖̙͉̻͚l̰̹̜̦̬̪̺̜e̤̘͍̼͓̹̙̮d̴͖̹̥̻͈ ̸̟͢b҉͏͚ͅy̘̙̙̬͖͉s̡̬̹e̶͇̲͉̰x̥͚͙̦̯̥͚̣͘͟u͏͕͚̦͎a̩̗̱͖̘͙̣̞̮l̛̤͇̬͚͖̼͙s̜̠̥̻.̶͏̧͕̬̘̞̩͈̺.̘̩͙̜̣.̗̼ ̰͙̝͕̭̩͕̝ẁ̭̝̰̠̗͡a̫̲͕̟̞̼̩̺ị͍͎͙͔̻̱̞̦t̷̻̦͢,̺̘̞͔̳̲̹̲ ҉̜̣̙ͅͅw̢̢̹̳̳̯͔̝̤̖ͅh̢̻̟̺̻̦̹̬e̡͎̦͡n̞̮̩͎̦͡ ͎̖̣d̶̢̲̹͜i̼͇͢͠d̶̢̛̳̺͍̳͈͈ ̶̸̤͔̞̰̪̻̀K̛͏̤̖̩̠̣͔͎a҉̰̠r̳̳̙̙p̞͙͔͢͟ę͏̬͉͈͔͈l̨҉͎̯̭̰̲ͅḙ̢̧̼̳͓̟̖̳͚͔s̛̯͇ ̮̬̖s͏̝ͅa̵̺̭ì̶̮̝͚̠̘̹̯͞ͅḑ͚͔/̵̼̞͇̖ͅs̪̞̯͟a̷̱̭̻͓̩̺͢ỵ̛͖͎̀ͅ ͓͈͔̭̘̙̩̬̕Ṃ̶̱̣̳̦͔̺͟ͅc̴̼̤͔̰͓ͅD̜̝̖̪̞̘͘͠ͅo̮͚͉̥̪̦͓̯n̼̰̱̙̣͢a̶̢͖̪͈̝̗͔͈̟̠l̡͉d͙͙̰̟̘̘̱̻̭'̱̯s̛̮̱̹̙̱ ̗͉̟͍̗͜s̶͇̖̱̙u̲͔̺̭̣ͅc̵̢͕͎͚̖̠͚̠͚͓͝ḳ͉͚̥͕͘̕͜s͠҉̬̞̹?̨̭̳̰͓͚
C̀͡҉̴͓͓̹̬͇̗͎̜͙̺̬̺̭̝̼o͏̡̮͍̯̻̳̯̙͔̲̭͕̰͞͠ͅͅĺ̢͜҉̠̪͖̝̳̱̩̝͉̳͇o̢͏̬̬͕̲̲͓̤̻̳̞̙̮̗̪̤̜͈̝̱n̷̢͎̤͎̤̤̳e̢̳̮͓̲͝ͅl̖̥͎͓͙̹͚̠̀́͢ ͇͕̥̗̩̦͔͕͖͉̱̬̱͈͈͇̥́́ͅT̹̰͓̠̺̪͔̥͉̗́̀o̧͉̭͙͚̮̖̹̼̥͘͟ͅͅͅm̴̵̺̙̯̰͇ ̛͇͙͕̤͍́͡͝s̷̢̧̼̲̬͕̯̜̜̟̤͔͝e̸̡̠̤̱͘̕͠x̸̴̗̭͙̮̩̳̦̠̘̞͚͍͖́͞-̷̢͕̬͈̖̼̭̙̪̤̠͈͙̗̯̭̺̯̩̯̕͢͡m̶̖̞̜̘̩͎̭͚͇̗͕͘̕͢ͅą̷͖̞̥̼͉̗̟̮̳͓͖̜̼͓͞c̸̛̫̲͍͔h̸̶̺̬̗̥͔̮̯̥̤̥̳͖̪͘̕͜ͅi̧̧̼͙̪͎̠̹̥̩͉̪͉̺̟͉͝ͅń̶̫͙͙̳̮͖̞͕̬̥̟̜͖̗̯̙̪͡ẹ̫̯̫͓̻̣̞͝ ̷̡̝̫̲̫͔̘͇͍͓̀͘͠T͓̰̙̱̝̝̹̬͢͡h̻̟̠̝̰̀͠ͅe͎̭͓̝͙̕ͅ ̧̧̧̺̖̦͖̥̝̤͈͇̪͕͔̩͕͜3͏̲͚̥̖̻̯̼̹̬́.̸҉̧͔̬̫̪̻̝̦̬̠͓̳̬1̷̯͙͔̜̯̗͜ͅ4̘͚͈́1̷̭̹͉͈͜5̷̫͎̝͙̗̲̞̦͉͞͡͠9҉͔͍͓̟͈̰͢2͚̠͎͎̳͡͞͝6̶̸̞͍̱̙̲͈̞5̴̡̦̳͎͔̬̭̙̜̠̻̥͕̼͟ͅ3̶͓̻̹͙̟̦̯͘͡͝5̷̹̦̼̦͓̮͎̭̬̪͔̦́8̵̛̩͖͉̤͖̥̞̬̬͖̪͉̬͔̼̺̫͘t̷̶̟͉͙̱̦͇̼͎͡͠ͅͅh͘͏̲̝̮̳̳̭̩̭̤͉̟̣̲͕ͅ ҉̢̕͏̱̦͔̗̙̪̺̪͈͙̬͈̻̻̙̭m͏҉̵͚̫̟̠̹͜u̕͜͏̰̲͇̮͍͕̣̮̞̬̣̤̱̳͖̯̲̕s̸̳͓̣̖̼͇̩̮̼̲̕t̶̶̨̛̮͍͍͍͍̹̘͡ͅ ̸̴̛̤̭͓̼͔̻̙͎̪̤̯̥̮̹̤́f҉͕͉̰̥͈̥̹̼̙̙͖͙̩o̧̭̱̬̟̠̭͓̣̦̫͎̱̠̙̯̘͢͜ͅͅọ̷̙͓̭̗͢͡͡k̀͏̞̦̙͕̥̪͔͟ͅͅ ̷̱̰̱̮̭̫̠̺̯̠͈͓̞̩͢a͏̻̲͍̦̻͖n̨̛͇̲̫̘̮̳̼͙͠ͅỳ̴͎̭̮̼̬͔̙͍̙̤͍͇̫̝̞̩͉͟ͅt̯̟̫͢͝h̵̢͔̻̯͚͕̤̯̞̹̳͜i̴̸̠̼͕̣̞̖̼͓̥͓̲̮͚͍̩͢͠n̰͕͉͖̟͢͡ģ̘͔͈͙̪̖̪̲̺̦̼͖͈̻̝̺͖̞͘͠ͅ ̶̧̹̺̜̰͙͔̙̞̟̲̰̝͓͓͜͟t҉̟̩̺̪̱̪̺̥̖̱̻̥̣̠̖͚̤̪͘͜h̴̤͇̭͍̻͉͍͘ͅa҉̣̝̗̹̰̯͇͉̦̤̮̰͙̘͎̙͜ͅͅt̡͜͏͏̲͓͍͍ ̸̢̩̱̰̲͚͚͍̤̖ģ̸͎̹̻̙͎̪͙͙̺̖͙̥͡o̖͈͍̼̮̦̱̰͟͝͞e͍͖̼̦͕͍͞ş̩̲͖̦̖̗̺̗͔̀ ̸̴̨̙̟͓̭̺̮̣̻͈̜̜̟̩͢͡ͅi̡̙̣̰̳̙̗̣͇̟̯͓͘ń̛͍̞͎̘̠͓͖̟t̢̖͉͖̬̜̦̯̲͓͍̩̥͈͖̥ò̪͍̱̩̙͍͈̗͕̀͝͞ͅ ̵̸͖͙͖̦͢a̡̞̺͎̜̖͉̟̥͢͞ ̴̸̬̘͕̦͍͚̠̮͚͙͟͝ś̬̜͓̺͍̤͖͍̮͉̖̞̘̠̯̫͙͟͠e҉̟̻̠͕͎̼͕͎͈̞͎̕͢͟͝c҉͝҉͖̞̻̝͉͖̻̰̪̙͙̬͔̜̞t̴̛̟̻͙̗̻i̧̕͏̞̟̝̻̫̯̺̼͔̺͖̭̖̖̘̝ͅo̵̶̪̰͎̣̭̲͇͈̭̪̻̦͘͜ͅͅń̸̢̧͓̮̲͖͈̤͍̼͕͓͉.̸͙̼̼̺̯̝̤̫̤͉̰͔̺ ̧̢̙̹͓̦̟̼̞͚̱͎͖̘͇̞B͙̤̬̟̭͕̙͇̘̬̞̯̱͇̱͘͞ͅͅͅe̻͓̙̮̻̰͉̺̗̦̻̰͔̗̹̬͖̕͠a̴̙̖͍̞͚̯̳͙̳̝͈̳̥̳̕͘͘ẉ̝̜̻̺̥̼̤̰͘͡͡ą̕͏͎͍͚̺̲̲̝͙̬̦̖̲̹̙͚r̷̠̱̳͙̱̲̙͇̯̗̖͓̺͢͡ͅe̷̳̗̟̙͕̺̲̭̮̠̹̫͓͉̪̬ ̵͏̟̤͎̫͍̖̘̟̝̭̗̰ò̶͓̻̺̘͎̲͍̮̫͍͇̰͓̙͉̠ͅf̴̶̸̴̥͔͕̭̞̘̙͔̲̠͇̙͞ ͎̳̯͎̫͖͈̱͍̩͚͖́͝s̵̢̪̬̖̮̙̲͍͟͜p̸̨̛̤͖̮͈̭͎͍͙̣̠̣̖̘͍͎̫̦̝͜͡e͡҉̜͙̭͔̘̟͖̥̦̫̰̯͉̻͜͢ͅļ͟҉̛͉̺͎͕̭̯͖̦̥̱͡l̷̸҉̨̫̥̖̲c̵̢̛̱͕̺͈̤̲͍͚͓͇̫̠̼̣̮̟̟̻͘͘ḩ̶̬̞̝̞̖̤̤̪̻̹̹̫͇̲̙̭͚́è̸̡҉̝̤̬͈̰̖͔c̨͈̺̜͚̥̲̞̖̻̻̲̺͘͞k̸̢͕̬͚͔̺̜̦̲͚̘̳̦̫̪̰̤̩̞̥e͏͏̹̝̬̭̬̜͎̗͓̬͞r̢͇̞̯̠͢s̶͓̲̮̯̟̫̮̝̣͉̪͚̙̦͙̱̬̕̕͟͠.̛͇͔̜̟̱̭̰͍̭̹̰͞ ̯̟͈̦̘̩̲̪̼̺̬̘͘̕̕͜F̝̫̱̠͚͍͔͈̭̖̦̟͞͠a҉̵̖͍͔͔̲̬̲̞͈̟͇̠̲̲̫̣̘̫̦͜͠n̶̢̛͚̻̖̹̥͇͈̮̺̳̦̻̯t̜̬̯͎͇͇̮͓͖̝͘͝͡ǫ̦͇̞̼̮̺̼̭̗̻̂͠͝ḿ̵̢̬̱͈̬͎͝a̶̵̴̛̩̭̦͖̠͖̟͔̟̜̼̱̩̲̪s̴̻̼͔̯̗̟̦̖̲̩̠ ̢̩̯͚͕̯̪͈̰̭̖͔͟p̸̟͔̜̘̣̼͔̟̫̬̮̠͟o̶̸̮̘̪̼͙͚̬͢r̟͎̣̗̠̰͍̟̳̘͍͈͔̗̥͔̲̤͝͠t̷̴̢̯͉͎̙͕̤̪̹̣̱ư̷̮͇̪̟̻͎͓͇̕͠g҉̸̧͖͓͙̺̱̗̻͖̙̥͢ù͕͇̙͈̺̗̰̝̪̜͎̘͎͈͖͈̤̕͞͡ȩ̵̘̫̦̺̖ͅs̺̣͇̼̻͘͜ͅe̪̼̠͕̦̲͙̙̖̕͜͜͝ ̵̷̸̵͓͙͕̞̭̪̬̭̳̲̺͇̘̞̰̤̞͔̲͢a̸̡͉̣͍͍̙̜̞r̢̛͏̦͉̯̺͘͞è̢̧̞̳̮̭̙̘͠ ̢̙̳̙̝̘́ͅs̷̨͈̝̜͓̺̬̦͖͔̝̭̮ò̢̧̠̗̗̩̰̙̩̰͉͕̬̙̟̩b̵̷̜̲̞̼̙͎̯̫̹̪͙̣r̸̶̪͕͉͘͜͞i͟҉̭̹̦̯̠̻͙̦̣̹̤̤̖̱̲̰̩̲͓͝͠q͡͏̻͕̤̙͈̹̗̘̫͙̘̟͖͎̙̦̦͢ừ̵̧̡̠̗̯̼̙̟̟͓̳͍̖̣͉ͅͅe̷̵͙̳̣̖̜͙͕̲t̸̬͚̖̬͇̗̣̙̪̺͖̳͔̼͓̕ ̦̜̬̹̰̯̮̟̣͈̠̟̖͔͎͙͟͢o҉̸̸̝̦̹̟̟̙͇͙͕̻̫̀f̧̹̫̯̘̘̤͖̞̣̹͞ ̵̶͠͏̫̭̠̻̘̩̼̗͔̲̼̼͡F̡҉͏̰͈͙̬̭̺̯͚̮̟̲͖͕ȩ̶̵̣̼̮̣̲̮̪͍̱̜́ͅr̷̴͖̱̣͙̥͈ͅn̦͓̯̭̝̪̪̹̝̯͚̳̩̰͓̬̬͢͟ã̙̣̳̩̹́͡o̢̨̡̘͔͎͜ ̡͏̺̝̭͎̙̀͘͟w͎̭̮͙̲̫͍̘̠̮̲͍͉̠̫̞͙̦̫̕h́͟͡͏̙̱̹̗͔͚̬̝̣̗͖͚̟͕͉͔̞ͅo҉̷̛̣͎̩̤̪̗͔̜͙̱̜̫͘ ҉͍͉̫̳̖̼́̀͢c҉̷͉̥̲̯̼͎͢͟a̶̠̼͍̭̮̫̮̯͖͓͕͔̖͉̘͞͡ͅl̡͘͢͏̙͓̪͉̗ĺ̶̡̢͙͎͈͎̥̰̯̕é̶͚̦̬̹̗̩̻̘̞̙̪̘̱͈̯͘͟͡ͅͅd͏̴̛̳̜͓̩̺̯͎͚͓̜̜̖͚ ̷̩͖̤̠̀͢͡͠t̸̗͎̼̥̭̗̙̦̩̪͓̱̙̖̻̥̗͢h̶̞͉̱̰̬̪̠͓͍͇̝́̕ȩ̛̺̺̪̹̮̝̙̺̮̠͈̳̤͟͝͠m͈̟̹̠̀͟ ̸̶̸̨̭̭̜̥͚̜̘͖̭̩͡ͅͅC̶̷̢͉͙̭̯̦̰̬͠o̖̟̱̤̝̫̼̥̱̰̣͜ͅa͏̹̖̫̭͈͚͓̖̭̻̝̣̗ḑ̛͚̼͚͔̮̭͕̙̻̘̕͟ś̢̗͚̲͇̱̲̦͔-̸̨̠͇̭̭͔̲̻̝͕̬͚̙͎̩̖ͅͅn̨͜͠͏̰͉̫̹͖̲̣͈̙̣̱̹̰͎̩͢ͅi̞͎̻͖̙͍̘̩͕͙͈̬̬̰̬̱͘͜͞ͅͅģ̶͙͔̞̣̳͖̘̳͝͡ͅs̨̨̱̤̥̥̳̩̟̲̟͙͔̬͝!̢̧̞̹̘͉̩̗̖̲͙̤̞̀͜ ҉̧̹̣̹͍̗̘͍͔͚̠͓̞̲̙̖̘ͅT̴̞̬̝̖͚͎̼͈͙͉̙͎͢ͅh̛́҉̸̭̹̲͔̩̘̻͕̙͔̲̬͉̣͎̫̖͕è̸̛̤̗͚̖̙̱̹͓̗̙̩̕͟y͔̦͚̤͖̯̖̱̟͜͜ ̷̛̖̲͖̜͎̮͚̺̠̲͙̫̮̗͍̞̙ș̸̷̷͈̺̙͈̻̗̣̪̲̣̗̤̜͇̯̘̮̕͜ͅa̶̙̣̫͔͓̟̻͖̣̹̼͖̙̤̗̗̼̙̺͘y̢͝҉̠̰̦̯̫͜ ̢̢͏̢͔̺̮̣w҉͞͏͏̡͉̱͈̲̫̘͙͔e̴̩̱͎͚̞̜̲̼͓̬̠̠̥͠͝ ̶̜̘̝̩̱͎͕̘͞a̶̪͉̦̼̩̥͎̥͉͔̩͈̮̖̫͜͢͝r̵̷͡͏̭̤̬͇̟̕ȩ̢̪̠̳̣̳́͝͠ ̷̷͖̼͍̗̜͈͚̼̹̺̩͚̬͉̀͡á̸̧̛̘̳̹͙̝̖͉͈z̷̢̦̠̯͔̻̱̺͓̳̗̣͘ó̸͍̣̞̫͕̬̥͙̰̟͓̦͔̙͚̹́ͅt͏̸̬̟͈̪̝̪͈͈̳̭h̶̙͖͇͉͎̝̫͜͝,̝̹̜̘̮̻͚̮͕͚̪̮̝̪͕͉̞̥̟͘͘͜ ̡͝͏̨̛̹̩̞̥̥̣b̢͔͇̺̲̖͈̰̥̞̤̩̺̭̗̠͡͝͞į͍͙̳͖̫͍͇̤͕̻͔̞̗̺͘ͅͅͅb̙̣̪͇̱̗̤̝̫̘͢͜͝ļ̮̭͎̝͕͎̯͚͍̻̫͓̠͇͎̤͢͝ͅį̛͇̖͙͔̠̗͉̠̞ͅc̢̩̩̰̟̬̻̰̲̮̬̗͖̝͜a̵̜̻̯̟͕̳̗̣͟l̵̙̦̠̞͙̥̝̭̰̗͜ ͏̴̻̳̹̺̳̩̞̜̲͓͓̻̝̣̤̘͖͟͞t̷͕͎͇͍͘͜͜į̷͔͕̘̹̙̣̩͉͇̥̹̙̞́ͅt̨̢̡͈̪̲̱ṱ̨͎̘̼͙͔̲̗̤̮͕̠̭͎͔̞͕͈́͝͞͞y̧̡̯͖̖̳̦̭̫͔̰̲̜͘̕ͅn̷͎͇͚̜̹̬̠̯ơ̶̟̙̟̰̪̪̟̪̙̜̻̝̣͖͞p̸̡͘͜҉̠̩̗͕̘̖̪è͈̗̯̘̰̖̥̟̩͉̭̕͟ś͏̘̯̳͇̭̠ ̗̜̲̩̭̖̬͇̼͕͉́͡w̸͚̻̻͎̪̤͉̺͙̰̘͕̭̲͍͕̬͘͡ͅh̶̷̢̢̯̭̩̯͈͖͉̤͖͖̩̱̝͔̬͜o͏̷̲̤̗͕̦̼̰̥̫͜ ̸̧͕͉͔̰͎͍͙̙̬̪͇́͠͞ͅͅć̘̜͍̬̖̝͖̰̦̣̞̼̠̝̗̀͜͜͟ͅͅͅa̴҉̪̦̪͙͎̣̜n҉͟҉҉͓͓̟̼̻̦̻'̨̣̰͍̩̻̰̤͎̹͍͞t̩̻̞̖͇̩̻͎̳̳̝̥̦͍̠̻̪̟͝͝ͅ ̷͟͞͏͈̺͍̝͝m̶̨̦̜̬̟̼̝̟̭̹͖̼̰͇͚̬̻̘i̡̟͎̙̳͉͈̦͡͡n̢̩̬̺͉̪͢ę̩͔͇̯̻̻̙͎͉̱̗͖ ̭̱̥͍̮̖͕̮͍͍̙̤͔̣̠͝͠͡t̶̵̨̜̦̭̺̙͙͙̣̲̘̀͢h́҉̮͕͕̣͈̗̗̝͚̯̗̭̺̱͚̜͢é̸̦̝̳͕͕̤͚͙̗̙̜̝̘ͅ ̨̪̤̬̘͇̀̕͞͞j̵̡͍͙̮̭̱̺̟̕͜a͡͠҉̤̦͉͎͖ǹ҉̸̢̗̣̜͉̩̱͇̝͖̝̠̱͝i̳̺̥̠͓̲͚͙͘͢͠ć̵̶̵̻̱̘̗̞͇͠e̷͟͟͞͏̤͙͚̰͇̬͚̠͈̙̮̥̙̠͕̝̭p̵͡҉̻͓̖̪̯͍̜̻͚͍͍̮ͅs̵̢҉̝͕̯̮͇̲̟̥̀ͅ'̛͇̥̥̫̤̻̹̰͜.̛̻̺̤̥͍̹̘̜͇͔͈̣̬̙͜ͅ ̶̴̢͈̟̭͖̳͟͞H̛҉͕͔̤̥̹̖͎̥̝̹̗́e҉̼̘͙̰̜͖̞͕̠̣̜̮̟̫̺̖͖͞ ̺͈̞̫̤̩̕b҉̶̸̮̟̘̖͚̠̻͎̹̳̜̕ͅi̸͕̫̪̬̲͓̙̖̬̠̦͟͞b̧҉̵̴͇͔̬̟̰̙͙̻͕͓́l̡̨̢̟̝͈̯̲̫̪i̸̫̻͙̭̤͚̮̳͇͉̲͈͉̖̣̝̱c̬͍̹̟̥̼̤̀͟͠ͅͅa̗̣̯̩͙̤͍̯̩͍̬̝̟̼̰̥͚͘͡l̢̫͇̜͢ͅl̢͝҉̝̲̟̣̰̠̥̝͉͉͎̯̹y̴̡̛̟̠͍͚̙ ͎̘̬̪͟͞t̷̤̖̟̠̮̺̜͔̝̙̝̀ͅǫ̵̵̟̩͚̮ͅo̴̧͉̘̫̞̘̲̦͓̠̠̲͔͓͕̹̜͙̟̭͟ḱ͇͖̗̼̼̤͙͢͡ ҉̷͕͇̯̦͎̠͇̖͕̺̭͘͟͟R͏̀͝͡҉̘͖͎̭͇̪̤̜o̷̳̗͎̫͟s͏̧̲̗̟͖̫̦͕͙͈̱͎͝ḛ̶͓͕͓̯̻͖͎̼̺̫̖͢͟n̵̶̞͓̬̘̬̣͇̥̱͕̖̪̲͕͇̜̹z̨̟͍̤̗̤͈̘̺̥̯͉͈̙̩̖͞͝w͕̰̘͔͞͞͠͝e̕҉̢̢͇͙̮̱̪̪͓̤͈̳̮̟ì̷̶̛̛̥͓̤̯̺̱͈̫̬̲̱̻͓̙ͅͅg̘̜̱̝͉̳͓̮͖̱̘͍͔̯̣̤̱̜͕͝ ̴̲̘͙̣͓̗̟͎̖̹̟̙͍͓̲͈͘͝͡a͜҉̴̜̰͇̰̱n̢͟͜͏̘̞͓̭͍͚̳͖̖̗̤d̷̶̳̰͍̞̤̭̳̹̫͝ ̡̨̗̣̙̗̤̭̖̙̖̗͇̝̩̝͠͠ȩ̙͇̯̖͉̰͕̀n̸̶̢͍͖̱̞͍̙͚̼̼̘̹͎d̮̺̱̣̰̬͕̭̰̟͟͟͢e̢͉͓̮̦̳̥͕̝̕͜͝͝d̢̛̀҉̫̝̫͚̪̲͔͝ ͏̷̢̼̫̲͇͝t̢̬̙͚̳͓̭̦͎͇̣͕̟͈̬̺̥̫̕͟͢͠h͏͖͚̩̹̮͓̜̭͚̝̬̜̻̪̜̰̗͢i̵̶҉҉̨͓̝̥̬͕͓̱̖͚͕̟͖ͅś̸̸̛̲͕̱̠͇̦̳̮ ̵̷̧̥̯̝͈̦̰̞̘̖̝́ǵ͉̭̺̬͚͚͎͎̫̰̯̮͇̲͈͉͖̥͓͘͟͞ą̨͕͈̘͈̩̯̺̙̹͢͡͡ͅͅͅͅm̸̵̛̘̝̲̤͔͈̜̝͈̲̼͜ę̢̠̪̦̀͞.̸̪̳̲͙̻̦̰̲̥͎̖̘̪̞̥̤͘À̧̗̠̱̲̣̜̤̗̱n̢̹̟̙̹͚̬̩̘̖͎̲̙̟͟͡ͅd̴̵̤̗̮͉̳͖̺͔̠̤̟͔̮͓̦͚̪́͘ ̸̫͇̺̖̥̼̲̼̯̟̖͕͖͢͟͞͝t͏̵̶̼͓̬̣͟h̶͍̭̰̯̦̟̦̘͎̘̪̺͍̯͟͝é̡̧̪͚͈͔̺̭͍̀n̛̖͇̟͉̯͈̻̗̖̩̗͔̟͙̦̕ ̧̲͉̜̻̺̹͇̬̠̞͎͘w̕͠҉̠̙͎͇a̸̷̢͓͎͕̳̺̰̪̣̬̠̝̯͢ǹ͠҉̯̥̮̣͈͍̮̰̦̠̘̬̠͠k̷̸̨͎̰͙̗͚͔̳̻̟̳͙̼͓̕͜ę̢̟̮̥̝d͎̺̪̗͉̣͕̭̪̞͘͟͞ ̷̷̷͍͉͚͇̳̬̜̼͕̫̘̰͕͇̀͟r̶͈̹̩͖͎̯̤̙̠̼̼͉̀e̦̭̝̻͙͈͍͠d̵̨̪̱̬̭͘͜d̘̥͉͙̱̬͈̞͝i̧̬̠̜̗t̯̬̯̹̖̟̠̰͙̪̭̬͕̀͟͞ͅ.̸̖̜͈̙͈͕̩̺̟͎̰̠͙͚̥̦̖̬͡
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Bitcoin. Bitcoin ist die weltweit führende Kryptowährung auf Basis eines dezentral organisierten Buchungssystems. Zahlungen werden kryptographisch legitimiert und über ein Netz gleichberechtigter Rechner (peer-to-peer) abgewickelt.Anders als im klassischen Banksystem üblich, ist kein zentrales Clearing der Geldbewegungen notwendig. Eigentumsnachweise an Bitcoin werden in persönlichen ... One of the most famous cases in the short history of Bitcoin has finally been decided in court. An American judge sentenced Trendon Shavers – best known as ‘pirateat40’ -, to pay a combined $40.7 million for running a Ponzi scheme.. Shavers was the owner of Bitcoin Savings and Trust, a company that sold investments using BTC and was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission ... Wenn Bitcoin einmal durch Übertragung von einem Wallet in ein anderes den Besitzer gewechselt hat, ist es nicht schwer für die Diebe, Geldwäsche zu betreiben. Sie verwenden einen Bitcoin-Mixer (auch als „Tumbler“ bezeichnet), um Zeit zu gewinnen und kleine Beträge zu anonymisieren, die – zumindest über einen kurzen Zeitraum – keine Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen. Danach können ... However, the Bitcoin world knows him better as the famous ‘pirateat40’. The founder and main operator of Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST) offered and sold Bitcoin-denominated investments through the platform, collecting a true fortune. The suspect gathered at least 700,000 BTC, what was equivalent at about $4.5 million at the time of the alleged take. However, that’s almost $63 million ... Category Archives: pirateat40. Auto Added by WPeMatico. Kashmir Hill – Federal Judge Rules Bitcoin Is Real Money. Leave a reply. Kashmir Hill – Federal Judge Rules Bitcoin Is Real Money: contributor Kashmir Hill highlights a new development regarding ways existing laws can be applied to Bitcoin-related activity. Excerpts: “In defending himself against the SEC suit, Shavers ...

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