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New miner here. Need some help with RPCMiner and CUDA.

So here goes... I went and set up a new PC because I happened to win a GTX Titan in a lucky draw back in February. There were some issues with the motherboard that I bought and the rig was out of action for about a month. Now that everything is up and running I decided to do a spot of bitcoin mining to test out the system and to make sure everything runs fine.
I downloaded GUIMiner and fiddled around with it a bit, then I downloaded RPCMiner as well as Ufasoft. Ufasoft's CPU and GPU mining programs work fine but they don't do CUDA. Thus, I tried to get the CUDA RPCMiner to work but I ran into some problems:
C:\guiminer\miners\RPCMiner>rpcminer-cuda.exe -url= -user=herp -password=derp -threads=1 -aggression=12 -gpu=0
Client will start 1 miner threads
Work will be refreshed every 4000 ms
1 CUDA GPU devices found
Setting CUDA device to device 0
Loading module bitcoinminercuda_11.cubin
Unable to load CUDA module
I've tried googling, it seems that people have this problem but nobody has posted any solutions. Can anyone here help? Much thanks in advance.
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The problem is that in GUIMiner, the URL for Slush's pool is:. That address has been deprecated, and it falls back to the GetWork protocol. From Slush's Pool news:. 10.03.2013 Default mining URL for Stratum is you're still using, please fix your URL to prevent fallback to deprecated Getwork protocol. Mein Bitcoin Bot Review Ethereum Cuda Miner. 5 Millionen Dogen, um das jamaikanische Bobteam zu den Olympischen Winterspielen nach Sotschi zu schicken. Wenn verfügbar, werden automatisch AVX, AVX2 und SSE2 verwendet. Meine empfohlenen broker 2020, benötigen Sie Hilfe bei der Auswahl eines Forex-Brokers? Wir haben versucht, das gesamte System zu aktualisieren, indem wir auf Apps -> Software ... Bitcoin mining on the cloud without an ASIC miner does not yield any profit. Still, it’s a fun experiment. Step One: Get cloud hosting. a) Sign up for AWS. First things, first: sign up for a ... Cz s Poolbergbau. Bestimmen Sie den Arbeitsnamen mit Buchstaben und Zahlen. Haftungsausschluss, pirateat40 war der größte der Bitcoin-Ponzi-Intriganten, und das Lesen seines Threads wird Einblicke in die Art und Weise von Betrügern, Shills und deren Opfern gewähren. BitMinter ist ein Mining-Pool, mit dem Bitcoin-Mining für alle einfach ... Is this related to networking, more specifically port forwarding? I am asking because the bitcoin-qt client managed to synchronize with the network. mining-pools miner-configuration gpu. share improve this question follow edited Apr 25 '16 at 20:39. Murch ♦ 46.2k 30 30 gold badges 136 136 silver badges 407 407 bronze badges. asked Feb 5 '14 at 9:55. Sebi Sebi. 151 2 2 silver badges 9 9 ...

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Litecoin Nvidia CUDA Miner Stratum Setup

Bitcoin Mining on Old Hardware; The Intel Celeron Coppermine CPU 900MHz - Duration: 14:28. AA Computers and Technology 74,177 views. 14:28. How To Build Crate Litecoin Rig! Mining scrypt coins on Mac OS X, iMac, with both CPU and GPU. CUDA is a parallel computing platform and programming model created by NVIDIA and implemented by the graphics processing units that ... bitcoin miner, bitcoin gpu, cuda bitcoin miner, python opencl bitcoin miner, bitcoin miner software, bitcoin miner virus, bitcoin miner download, bitcoin miner windows, online bitcoin miner, Video showing how to set up CUDAMiner, which gives better hashrate for NVidia users. I have also included the Mining Hardware Comparison for those wondering what your general Hash output would be ... Tutorial on setting up CUDA Miner to do stratum pool mining. [ LTC - LavieiwQxohbSVd5kJfLxei4LhdXM1zjuk ] [ BTC - 1GqDM6dyoXQapF7MUc1hS9hnCSoPBbTteL ] Link t...