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neurons & synapses

Diese 3D-Animation zeigt den Aufbau und die Funktionsweise einer Synapse. Die Animation liegt in unterschiedlichen Formaten und Auflösungen vor und ist belie... Fly like an action potential! Journey along an axon toward a synapse, the junction between neurons. Notice how the synapse is a projection off the branch. This is called a spine. You can see the ... Neuron Synapse - Neurology: The Function of the Synapse Explained - Duration: 2:31. Bittersweet Biology 80,270 views. 2:31. Skeletal Muscle Fiber ... Synapse between two Nerve fibers. In this video you can easily learn structure of synapse axon and dendrites membrane structure.. Its 100 % beneficial for NEET . Thank you. FB page - https://www ... Educational video describing the transmission of impulses across neurons / synapse. At the synaptic terminal, there is the presynaptic axon and dendrite of t...